Whirlwindz Hula Hooping

Here at Whirlwindz, we are crazy about hula hoops and hoop dance!

"Is hoop dance for me?" You bet your sweet booty it is!!

We all know hula hooping is a great workout and the best thing about it is that you have so much fun you don’t even realise you’re exercising!

Here are somethings you may not know….

Not only is hooping amazing fitness but it is also good for the mind, Hula hooping releases endorphins (which can relieve stress and depression) After using your hoop you’ll be more than likely be left feeling amazing (watch out this feeling is highly addictive!) Hooping has been proven to have positive effects on your psyche and make you happy! Hooping improves your hand eye co-ordination and your focus/concentration.

Hooping not only challenges your muscles but your brain too.

I could ramble on about all the positive effects of hooping but you would be here all day

Meet The Whirlwindz Team


"Krystal is the most motivated and enthusiastic person when it comes to anything, but when it comes to hula hooping her amazing passion really shines through!"

- Jole Huges, DJ S3RL

Krystal Hoopgirl

Hooper - Mother - Dj - All round goofball

Krystal Hoop Girl is the boss babe of Whirlwindz. She is a qualified Hoop Love Coach and hoop dance performer is now providing energetic, fun, exciting hoop dance lessons, classes, workshops and all over hoop love.

Known for her efforts in the hard EDM scene she not only hoops but sings and DJ's too! On top of all this she is a mum to amazing little 3 year old. How does she do it all?

Her performance style is smooth, flowy, energetic and upbeat.

Her aim is to connect with people through flow, music and happiness.

Hoop dance changed her life. It's her passion, now she is determined to help others to get fit, healthy and most importantly happy!


The White Rabbit

Get your party started with Kara

Kara is our resident super hula hooper kids party hostess!  Kara the White Rabbit is a hooper and an awesome face painter! She comes with great reviews and testimonials!

Kara is entertaining, fun and hilarious

if you're planning an event and you need a princess, fairy or even bat woman book her now. don't want to miss out on Kara's out of this world party hooping experience.

Kara is in high demand so don't wait!

Do you need a super awesome hoop troop for your next big event?

Working closely

with the Spinjoy Squad

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